Shimazu Hisatoyo

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Shimazu Hisatoyo was the eighth head of the Shimazu clan.

A son of 6th clan head Shimazu Ujihisa, he aided his elder brother Shimazu Motohisa in the management of the clan's territory from his base at Mukasa castle in Hyûga province. When Motohisa suddenly died in 1411, since his only son, Shimazu Morikuni, also known as Chûô-ôshô, had already taken the tonsure and become a monk, Hisatoyo returned to Kagoshima to become Motohisa's heir, succeeding him as head of the clan.

Ijûin Yorihisa, a relative of Motohisa's father-in-law, joined with the Sôshû branch of the Shimazu clan in rising up against Hisatoyo, but Hisatoyo managed to crush the rebellion by 1413. Yorihisa was forced to commit suicide in 1417, following the suicide of his ally, Shimazu Hisayo (grandson of Shimazu Korehisa of the Sôshû Shimazu); Hisatoyo then defeated Korehisa's son Shimazu Tadatomo in 1421, and Korehisa's son (and father of Hisayo) Shimazu Morihisa the following year.

Hisatoyo died in 1425 at the age of 51, and was buried in the Shimazu clan cemetery at Fukushô-ji. He was succeeded by his son Shimazu Tadakuni; Hisatoyo's other two sons, Shimazu Mochihisa and Suehisa, founded new branches of the family.

Preceded by:
Shimazu Motohisa
Head of Shimazu clan & jitô-shugo of Satsuma province
Succeeded by:
Shimazu Tadakuni