Ryu Aiko

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Aikana's grave in the Ryû family cemetery in Tatsugô-chô, Amami Ôshima
  • Born: 1837
  • Died: 1902
  • Other Names: 愛加那 (Aikana)
  • Japanese: 愛子 (Ryuu Aiko)

Ryû Aiko, also known as Aikana, was the Amami Ôshima "island wife" of Saigô Takamori.

She was born and raised on Amami Ôshima, a daughter of the prominent Ryû family of Tatsugô village. Her father was known as Ryû Saeshi (or Tameshi); her mother's name was Kamimachigani (or Ekana). She had one brother and a younger sister.

Aiko is known for her weaving of banana fiber, cotton, and Ôshima tsumugi cloth.

After Saigô Takamori was exiled to Amami in 1858, he married Aiko. They had two children: a son, Kikujirô, and a daughter, Kikugusa. Saigô later took both children with him to Kagoshima.

She died in 1902 of a brain hemorrhage, at age 66.


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