Miyake Yasusada

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Miyake Yasusada was the son of Sengoku daimyô Miyake Takasada, and the first Edo period daimyô of the 10,000 koku domain of Koromo han in Mikawa province.

Around 1558, or shortly afterwards, when he came into adulthood, he was granted the syllable yasu from Tokugawa Ieyasu's name, to apply to his own name and that of his descendants.

Ieyasu named him a councilor in 1592, and granted him the domain of Koromo han in 1604. He served as lord of Koromo han until his death in 1615.

The clan was then moved in 1620 to Ise-Kameyama han under his son, Miyake Yasunobu, but returned to ruling Koromo han once again from 1636 to 1664.

Yasusada was deified in 1814, on the 200th anniversary of his death, as the founding ancestor of the Miyake as Edo period daimyô.


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