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Kanbun 4 (寛文四年)

Timeline of 1664

Other Events of 1664

  • Chatan-Eso Affair - A ship carrying tribute from Ryûkyû to Qing China is attacked by Ryukyuan pirates; Envoy Eso Ueekata abandons the ship & cargo, while other members of the crew decide, after fending off the pirates, to keep the goods for themselves.
  • Danna-dera system is imposed, under which all Japanese are mandated to register with a temple.
  • Hinin no Katakiuchi, the first two-act kabuki play, debuts. The playwright is, for the first time in kabuki, publicly credited with having written a play.
  • The shogunate undertakes an inspection tour of the Kantô.
  • The shogunate bans wigs from the kabuki stage.
  • The term shibai is first applied to kabuki.
  • Treaty and Alliance of Peace between the Siamese kingdom of Ayutthaya and the Dutch East India Company is concluded.

Births and Deaths of 1664

  • 1664/int.5/7 Uesugi Tsunakatsu (b. 1639), daimyô of Yonezawa, dies with no heir.
  • Kyan Chikudun, a member of the crew of a Ryukyuan tribute vessel, is killed by his shipmates to cover up their crimes.
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