Minakata Shrine

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  • Other Names: 諏訪神社 (Suwa jinja), 諏訪大明神 (Suwa daimyoujin)
  • Japanese: 南方神社 (Minakata jinja)

Minakata Shrine, located in the Shimizu-chô neighborhood of Kagoshima, regarded as one of the Kagoshima Five Shrines.

Also known as Suwa Shrine or Suwa Daimyôjin, the shrine traces its origins to the early Kamakura period. After helping defeat the Ôshû Fujiwara, Shimazu Tadahisa (founder of the Shimazu clan) stopped and prayed at Suwa Shrine in Shinano province, and some generations later Shimazu Sadahisa (1269-1363) collected funds for the establishment of a branch shrine in Satsuma province. The shrine was then moved to the castle-town of Kagoshima in the 14th century, during the time of his successor, Shimazu Ujihisa.

The festivals at Minakata Shrine were the largest in the city in the Edo period, and involved taiko dances.