Kimotsuki Kanetsugu

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  • Birth: 1511
  • Death: 1566
  • Titles: Kawachi no kami
  • Distinction: Ôsumi warlord

Kanetsugu was the 16th head of the Kimotsuki clan. The son of Kimotsuki Kaneoki, he assumed leadership of his family in 1533 and was initially an ally of Shimazu Takahisa, whom he assisted at the attack on Ichiki in 1538. Kanetsugu later broke from the Shimazu and allied with the Itô of Hyûga. In 1566 he was captured by the Shimazu and made to commit suicide. He was succeeded by his son Kimotsuki Yoshikane, who was in turn succeeded by Kanetsugu's second son, Kimotsuki Kaneaki (1558-1634).