Kimotsuki Kaneshige

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A monument for Kaneshige's battles at Tôfukuji castle (today, Tagayama Park, Kagoshima)
  • Died: c. 1340-1341
  • Japanese: 肝付兼重 (Kimotsuki Kaneshige)

Kimotsuki Kaneshige was a prominent leader of the Kimotsuki clan during the wars of the Nanboku-chô period.

He was a son of Kimotsuki Kanefuji, sixth head of the Kimotsuki clan. While his elder brother Kimotsuki Kanehisa addressed a legal case in Kamakura, Kaneshige was left to head the clan's military efforts in their home territories of southern Kyushu. Following the fall of Mimataintaka castle in 1340/8, Kaneshige and Haseba Hidezumi entered Tôfukuji castle in Kagoshima. Fighting lasted eight months, ending in Kaneshige's death, and the castle falling to the Shimazu clan. Kaneshige was buried at Jôkô-ji in Kimotsuki Town, Kagoshima prefecture.