Kamo clan

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  • Japanese: 蒲生家 (Kamou ke)

The Kamô clan were descended from managers of Usa Hachiman Shrine in Bungo province. In the 15th century, they became karô (rôjû) to the Shimazu clan, but in the mid-16th century, they joined the Shibuya clan in rising up against the Shimazu. When Shimazu Takahisa took Iwatsurugi castle in Ôsumi province in 1554, the Kamô took the opportunity to become more openly aggressive against the Shimazu; this ended in 1557 with the loss of Kamô castle to the Shimazu.

The Kamô then suffered further defeats at the hands of the Iriki-in and Ketôin clans, and were unable to return to any level of prosperity.