Kaido kudari

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  • Author: Rin'ami
  • Other Names: 東国下り (tougoku kudari)
  • Japanese: 街道下り (kaidou kudari)

Kaidô kudari ("Highway Journey"), also known as Tôgoku kudari ("Journey to the Eastern Provinces") is a kusemai dance-drama composed by Rin'ami specifically to be incorporated into the Yamato sarugaku repertoire.

The drama takes the form of an extended michiyuki (travel chant/dance) incorporating numerous allusions to famous placenames, and tells the story of the journey of Taira no Morihisa from Kyoto to Kamakura after being captured by the warriors of the Minamoto clan.

Elements of this dance-play were later adapted to form the Noh play Morihisa, the creation of which is attributed to Zeami's son Kanze Motomasa.


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