Hiraiwa Chikayoshi

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  • Birth: 1542
  • Death: 1611
  • Other name: Shinkichi

Chikayoshi was a son of Hiraiwa Chikashige and trusted retainer of Tokugawa Ieyasu, and acted as a tutor to his eldest son Nobuyasu (who was later made to commit suicide). He fought at Nagashino in 1575 and later took part in the failed expedition against the Sanada (1585). He was given a 30,000 koku fief at Umabayashi in Kôzuke province in 1590.

Chikayoshi later became tutor to Tokugawa Yoshinao, when Yoshinao was made lord of Kai in 1603; when Yoshinao was removed to Owari province, Chikayoshi was made lord of Inuyama castle, with an income of 100,000 koku.


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