Abe Juro

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  • Birth: 1837/9/20
  • Death: 1907
  • Rank: Shinsengumi corporal (Gochô)
  • Other names: Shinjirô, Takano Jûrô
  • Japanese: 阿部 十郎 (Abe Juurou)

Abe was originally from Dewa province, and was a pupil of Tani Mantaro. He joined the Shinsengumi sometime after the 7th month of 1863 but deserted the following year, only to rejoin the Shinsengumi again in 1865. In the third month of 1867, he joined Goryo Eji with Itô Kashitarô. He survived the Incident at Aburano Koji, and fought under Satsuma han during the Boshin War, fighting in Mutsu. After the Meiji Restoration, he ran apple orchards in Hokkaido.

It is believed that he killed Yasutomi Saisuke in Edo.


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