The main gates of Denzû-in, with banners and lanterns emblazoned with the Tokugawa clan crest.
Line of graves of sons and daughters, and wives and concubines, of Tokugawa shoguns
  • Japanese: 伝通院 (Denzû-in)

Denzû-in is a Buddhist temple in the Koishikawa neigborhood of Bunkyô-ku, Tokyo. It is the site of the graves of Odai no kata (mother of Tokugawa Ieyasu), Sen-hime (daughter of Tokugawa Hidetada & Oeyo; wife of Toyotomi Hideyori), and many other members of the Tokugawa clan.

Partial List of Notable Burials

Tokugawa clan



  • Plaques and stone markers on-site.