Honda Tadatoki

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  • Birth: 1582
  • Death: 1615
  • Title: Izumo no kami
  • Distinction: Tokugawa retainer
  • Japanese: 本多 忠刻 (Honda Tadatoki)

Tadatoki was the younger son of Honda Tadakatsu. In 1600 he was given a 100,000-koku fief at Otaki in Kazusa province and in 1609 he received the Spanish Governor of Manila (Don Roderigo Vivero y Velasco), whose ship had wrecked on the coast of Kazusa. He played a critical role in the Battle of Tennoji (1615), leading an attack that resulted in the death of Sanada Yukimura. He was killed in the same battle.

Son: Honda Masakatsu (Dewa no kami; 1596-1630)