Zhao Wenkai

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  • Born: 1760
  • Died: 1804[1]
  • Chinese/Japanese: 文楷 (Zhao Wenkai / Chou Bunkai)

Zhao Wenkai was a Chinese scholar-official who served as lead envoy on an investiture mission to the Kingdom of Ryûkyû in 1800 alongside vice-envoy Li Dingyuan.

Zhao was the zhuangyuan, the top-scoring candidate completing the Confucian civil service exams in 1796. He was described by the Jiaqing Emperor as a capable official, and in good health, before departing for Ryûkyû in 1800.

On the return from the mission, however, the envoys endured pirate attacks and great storms, and it is said that the harrowing experience had a deleterious effect on Zhao's constitution. He died four years later.

A collection of his poetry, entitled Shíbǎishān fángshīcún (石柏山房詩存), survives.[2]


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