Yi Bang-eon

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Plaque at Fukuzen-ji in Tomonoura, commissioned by Abe Masakiyo to reproduce Yi Bang-eon's writing, that the view from Fukuzen-ji is "the greatest in Japan."
  • Korean: 邦彦 (Yi Bang eon)

Yi Bang-eon was a Joseon Dynasty scholar-official, who served as jûjikan ("Secretary") on the 1711 Korean embassy to Edo.

He is famous for writing that the view of the Inland Sea from the Taichôrô at Fukuzen-ji in Tomonoura was the greatest view in all of Japan. This item of his calligraphy is also famous in Korea. A plaque hanging over the window today, bearing a copy of his inscription, was produced by Kan Chazan in 1812.


  • Labels and plaques at Fukuzen-ji.[1][2]