Wang Ji

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  • Born: 1636
  • Died: 1699
  • Chinese: 汪楫 (Wāng Jí)

Wang Ji was a Qing Dynasty Chinese official who traveled to the Ryûkyû Kingdom as head of an investiture mission in 1683.

He remained in the islands for five months, where in addition to leading the investiture ceremony, he produced numerous pieces of calligraphy for Shuri castle and for various Buddhist and Confucian temples. Upon his return to China, he composed two volumes about Ryûkyû: the two-volume Zhōngshān yángé zhì (中山沿革志, "Record on the successive changes of Chûzan"), and the four-volume Shǐ liúqiú zá lù (使琉球雜錄, "Miscellaneous records on the mission to the Ryūkyūs").


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