Umun bujo

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  • Japanese/Okinawan: 御物奉行 (omono bugyô, gomotsu bugyô / umun bujô)

The Omono bugyô or gomotsu bugyô, known as umun bujô in Okinawan, was an official under the authority of the hyôjôju (the Ryûkyû Kingdom's department of justice), who oversaw the kingdom’s finances. The position was concurrently held by three officials, all of whom enjoyed positions on the Council of Fifteen.

The office (or bugyôsho, O: bujôju) of the umun bujô was divided into three sections: the shotai-hô 所帯方 or Treasury, kyûchi-hô 給地方 or Land Management Division, and yôi-hô 用意方 or Division of Preparations. The Treasury oversaw the royal coffers, government finances, and matters such as the tribute tax paid to Kagoshima domain. The Land Management Division oversaw official stipends paid out to fief-holders, and the collection of rents from those who owed such payments to the government. And the Preparations Division oversaw short-term special projects, public works, and the associated expenses.


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