Council of Fifteen

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  • Japanese: 表十五人 (omote juugonin)

The Council of Fifteen was a group composed of the heads of each branch of the government of the Ryûkyû Kingdom. It ranked just below the Sanshikan (Council of Three) in the kingdom's political hierarchy, and was also known as the shicha nu za, or "Lower Seat," in contrast to the Sanshikan and sessei, who were together known as the wii nu za, or "Upper Seat."

The Fifteen advised the higher-ranking officials on policy, and made recommendations to fill vacancies in the administration, as well as requesting approval from the Sanshikan and sessei for actions to be taken by their respective departments.

The Fifteen included three umun bujô, the two hichô nushidori, and the seven heads and six ginmiyaku (vice-heads) of the sasu no soba, the sôshi kuri, the tomari jitô, and the hira no soba.


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