Uchida Sadatsuchi

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A former residence of Uchida, located at that time in Shibuya in Tokyo; The house was re-erected in the 1990s on the 1880s site of the Italian consulate in Yokohama's Yamate Bluff neighborhood.
  • Born: 1865/1/17
  • Died: 1942/6/2
  • Japanese: 内田定槌 (Uchida Sadatsuchi)

Uchida Sadatsuchi was a diplomat with the Imperial Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was born in Kokura (modern-day Fukuoka prefecture), and attended Tokyo Imperial University. He entered the Ministry in 1889 and served in Shanghai and as Consul in Seoul (from 1893) before being moved to New York in 1896. He became Consul General in NY in 1902, and worked with Ambassador Komura Jutarô at the 1905 Treaty of Portsmouth which ended the Russo-Japanese War. He later served in Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Sweden and Turkey (becoming Ambassador to Turkey in 1923) before retiring in 1924.