Togashi Masachika

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  • Died: 1488
  • Titles: Shugo
  • Distinction: Kaga warlord

Masachika was the shugo of Kaga province and was allied to the Hosokawa during the Ônin War. He worked to reassert Togashi authority in Kaga, which had been lost in 1447 to two vassal families, the Motoori and Yamagawa. He reclaimed Kaga with the assistance of Asakura Toshikage and Kaga's Ikko sects, defeating a younger brother (Kochiyo) in 1473. Within a year Masachika and the Ikko had grown hostile, although all initial Ikko uprisings fizzled. In 1487 Masachika chose to honor a call by the shôgun Ashikaga Yoshihisa to give battle to Rokkaku Takayori. He led an army out of Kaga and in his absence the Ikko rebelled once again, this time drawing on support from Togashi house members. Despite some initial victories following his return, Masachika was ultimately driven within his castle and forced to commit suicide.

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