Asakura Toshikage

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Toshikage initially supported the Yamana in the Ônin War but switched his loyalties to the Hosokawa in 1471, a move that was coupled with a break from his nominal lords, the Shiba shugo family. The following year he defeated the Kai family of Echizen and became the de facto ruler of that province. He aided Togashi Masachika in his efforts to restore Togashi authority in the politically confused Kaga province (1473). His hold on Echizen was cemented with his defeat of the Shiba at Kôfukuji in 1479. He died on 8/21/1481 and was succeeded by his eldest son Ujikage. Toshikage composed the Toshikage Jushichikajo, one of the earlier and most straight-forward Sengoku Period house codes. He established the Asakura capital at Ichijô no dani, which in some ways foreshadowed the castle towns of the Edo Period.