Toda Ujiyasu

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  • Died: 1855/3/27
  • Titles: Awaji no kami
  • Japanese: 戸田 氏綏 (Toda Ujiyasu)

Toda Ujiyasu was lord of Ôgaki Shinden han (a branch domain of Ôgaki han) and served the Tokugawa shogunate as Ôban gashira for a time, and then as sôjaban from 1842 to 1855.

He was dismissed from his position as sôjaban on 1855/2/27 and died a month later on 3/27. He was succeeded by Toda Ujiyoshi, a son of the lord of Ôgaki, Toda Ujimasa.

Preceded by:
Toda Ujihiro
Lord of Ôgaki Shinden han
Succeeded by:
Toda Ujiyoshi


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