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  • Japanese: 飛地 (tobi chi)

Tobichi, in the Edo period context, refers to land held by a daimyô as part of his territory that is geographically removed from the main portion of his territory.

Many domains held tobichi. Tsushima han, to take just one example, though based primarily on the island of Tsushima and controlling that entire island as its domain, also controlled small areas of land on the "mainland" of Kyushu, in Hizen and Chikuzen provinces.

When the Tokugawa shogunate claimed jurisdiction over nearly the entirety of Ezo (Hokkaido) in 1855, ordering Matsumae han to "return" portions of its territory to the shogunate, Matsumae was then granted small areas of land in Tôhoku (on mainland Honshu) to help make up for the loss.[1]


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