Tei Takuchu

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Portrait of Tei Takuchû. Okinawa Prefectural Museum
  • Other Names: 和橋 (Wakyou)
  • Japanese: 擇中 (Tei Takuchuu)

Tei Takuchû was a Ryukyuan official from Kumemura, who is known to have spent some time on official business in China. On at least one Ryukyuan tribute mission to China, he served as an interpreter (C: Cháo jīngdū tōng shì, J: chôkyôto tsûji) for the lead tribute envoy, and was thus one of a very few Ryukyuan officials to travel all the way to Beijing.

On at least one tribute mission to China, one in 1822, he was accompanied by his son, Tei Kôbo (鄭宏謨).


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