Takeda Kanryusai

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  • Born: ?
  • Died: 1867
  • Titles: Shinsengumi captain
  • Original name: Fukuda Hiroshi (福田 廣)
  • Japanese: 武田 観柳斎 (Takeda Kanryuusai)

Takeda Kanryûsai joined the Shinsengumi in 1863. In 1864, He captured Furutaka Shuntaro which led to the Ikedaya Affair. Kondo Isami treated particularly well because he was an expert of Koshu Ryu Gungaku (the Takeda clan's military science). However, Kanryûsai was disliked by other members and perceived as a flatterer. Later, the Shinsengumi adopted a more Western military style and Koshu Ryu Gungaku was no longer needed.

He lost his position in the Shinsengumi and contacted Satsuma, which was discovered by Hijikata Toshizo. In 1867, his request of leaving the Shinsengumi was admitted and Kondo Isami held farewell party for him. After the party, it is believed that Takeda was assassinated by Saito Hajime on the way to the Satsuma han residence. (There is an alternative theory that someone else assassinated Takeda.) Takeda's comrade Katô Higuma was later ordered to commit Seppuku, possibly due to Kanryûsai's prior actions.

Takeda Kanryûsai's Sword

Takeda Kanryûsai in Fiction


  • Kamogawa zenitoribashi (鴨川銭取橋) Shiba Ryotaro


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  • Shinsengumi Taishi Den (新選組隊士伝) Gakken
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