Takatsukasa Masamichi

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  • Japanese: 鷹司 政通 (Takatsukasa Masamichi)

Takatsukasa Masamichi was an imperial courtier who served for a time as Dajô Daijin, and then as Kanpaku. He stepped down as kanpaku in 1856 and was succeeded by Sadaijin Kujô Hisatada. He was then named Taikô.

In 1859, he was granted permission to take the tonsure (becoming a Buddhist monk in his retirement) and was sentenced to house confinement;[1] he was released from house confinement at the end of that year, but was still barred from attendance at court.[2]

He married Rinhime Kiyoko, a sister of Tokugawa Nariaki, lord of Mito han.

His daughter Takatsukasa Atsuko was married to shogunal heir Tokugawa Iesachi (Iesada) in 1842. Another of his daughters, Takatsukasa Tsumiko, married Imperial Prince Fushimi-no-miya Sadanori in 1855.


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