So Yoshiyuki

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Grave of Sô Yoshiyuki at Banshô-in temple on Tsushima
  • Born: 1716/10/18
  • Died: 1752/1/5
  • Other Names: 心華院殿 (Shinka-in dono)
  • Japanese: 義如 (Sô Yoshiyuki)

Sô Yoshishige was the 26th head of the Sô clan and the eighth Edo period lord of Tsushima han.

The eldest son of Sô Yoshinobu, he became lord of Tsushima in 1732 after his uncle Sô Michihiro stepped down in his favor. Yoshiyuki escorted one Korean embassy to Edo in 1748.

Upon his death in 1752, he was succeeded by his younger brother Sô Yoshishige.

Preceded by:
Sô Michihiro
Lord of Tsushima han
Succeeded by:
Sô Yoshishige