Queen Sinjeong

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  • Born: 1808
  • Died: 1890
  • Other Names: 趙大妃 (Queen Dowager Cho)
  • Korean: 神貞王后 (Queen Sinjeong)

Queen Sinjeong was a Queen Dowager of Joseon Dynasty Korea, the wife of Crown Prince Hyo-myeong, and mother of King Heonjong.

Following her death in 1890, the Qing court organized a formal mission to Seoul to express condolences on behalf of the Qing Emperor. The Korean court made efforts to oppose and delay the sending of this mission for many months, however, seeing it (likely quite correctly) as an effort by the Qing to send a message to the international community (i.e. the Western powers) as to Qing claims to suzerainty over Korea.


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