Princess Rishu

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  • Born: 1725
  • Died: 1764
  • Other Names: 嘉久宮 (Kaku-no-miya), 寿厳理長 (Jugen richou), 逸厳理秀 (Itsugen Rishuu)
  • Japanese: 理秀女王 (Rishuu joou)

Rishû Joô, or Princess Rishû, was the fourth daughter of Emperor Nakamikado.

She entered the temple of Hôkyô-ji in 1731/8, at the age of six, and served initially as meals-announcer (喝食), a typical honorary role within a Zen temple. She formally took the tonsure two years later, in 1733/9, as a nun associated with both Hôkyô-ji and Daiji-ji, which were under the same chief priest (or abbot). In 1740/3, she received permission from the emperor to wear purple robes (the robes of a high priest), and became head of Keiai-ji, the chief of the Five Nunneries (ama-gozan) of Kyoto.

Following her death in 1764, Rishû was buried at Shinnyo-ji in Kyoto.


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