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Hôreki 14 (宝暦十四年) / Meiwa 1 (明和元年)

Timeline of 1764

  • 1764/2 The Great Meiwa Fire strikes.
  • 1764/6/22 The Meiwa era begins.

Dates on the Korean lunar calendar

  • 1764/1/20 (Korean calendar) After sailing through the Inland Sea, the Korean embassy to Edo arrives at Osaka.
  • 1764/2/16 (Kor.) Korean embassy arrives in Edo, and stays for twenty-four days.
  • 1764/7/8 (Kor.) Korean embassy to Edo returns to Seoul.

Other Events of 1764

  • An optique (a box with mirror and lens, for viewing perspective pictures) is first imported into Japan, by the Dutch East India Company.
  • Korean embassy journeys to Edo for the last time. (One later mission, in 1811, goes only as far as Tsushima han.) The entourage consists of 498 people, and the journey takes 382 days in total.
  • Ryukyuan embassy journeys to Edo.
  • Tenma Rebellion - Peasants in eastern Japan protest the financial burden on them (in the form of taxes, etc.) to finance the reception of the Korean embassies. Shogunate forces enter into daimyô domains to prosecute the protestors.

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