Oda Nobuzumi

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Nobuzumi was the son of Oda Nobuyuki, Nobunaga's younger brother. Despite the fact that his father had been killed on Nobunaga's orders, Nobuzumi continued in his uncle's service and was given Ômizo castle in Ômi province. In 1578 he was stationed in Osaka, and remained there until his death four years later. He accompanied his cousin Nobuo on the 1581 invasion of Iga province and the following year took part in the invasion the Takeda domain, this time under his cousin Oda Nobutada. He was to join his cousin Nobutaka in a projected invasion of Shikoku, but this was cut short by the death of Nobunaga in June 1582. As Nobuzumi was married to a daughter of Akechi Mitsuhide, Nobutaka doubted his loyalty and when they were preparing to join Hideyoshi's army to attack Mitsuhide, Nobuzumi was murdered on his cousin's orders.