Oda Nobutaka

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Not to be confused with Oda Nobutaka aka Oda Nobunori 織田信敬 (1836-1854).

Nobutaka was the third son of Nobunaga and was adopted into the Kanbe family of Ise. He was tasked by his father with the responsibility of pacifying the island of Shikoku. Nobutaka received the order on 5/7/1582 and reached Sumiyoshi on 5/11 with 14,000 men.[1] Nobunaga’s assassination at Honno-ji, however, effectively put an end to the invasion. Nobutaka then allied with Hideyoshi's army and at the Battle of Yamazaki helped defeat Akechi Mitsuhide. He was supported as heir to the Oda house by Shibata Katsuie and defied a request by Hideyoshi to release Sambôshi (the late Oda Nobutada's son) into his custody. Afterwards he plotted with Katsuie against Hideyoshi but jumped the gun by raising his banners at Gifu before the Shibata were in a position to help him. Faced with Hideyoshi's army, he submitted, only to rebel the following Spring. He was briefly besieged at Gifu, then committed suicide when he learned that Shibata Katsuie had taken his own life following the Battle of Shizugatake.


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