Niwa Nagahide

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  • Born: 1535
  • Died: 1585
  • Titles: Echizen no Kami
  • Japanese: 丹羽 長秀 (Niwa Nagahide)
  • Other Names: Korezumi Gorozaemon

Nagahide was one of Oda Nobunaga's chief retainers and married to his niece. He was present at many of Nobunaga's battles (including Anegawa in 1570, Nagashino in 1575, the Honganji Campaign from 1570-1580, Tedorigawa in 1577, and the Second Invasion of Iga in 1581) and was named one of the administrators of Kyoto after Nobunaga entered that city in 1568. He was given the task of building Azuchi castle and for his efforts was awarded a 100,000-koku fief at Obama in Wakasa province. In 1582 was given the honor of riding at the head of Nobunaga's army in a parade in Kyoto.

In the fifth month of that year he was ordered to accompany Oda Nobutaka in the invasion of Shikoku, and reached Sumiyoshi on 5/11.[1] When Nobunaga was killed the next month, he joined Hideyoshi's army in Osaka and took part in the Battle of Yamazaki. Nagahide was essentially neutral during Toyotomi Hideyoshi's war with Shibata Katsuie, but did support the former the next year, marching against Sasa Narimasa during the Komaki Campaign. After 1575, Niwa was often referred to as Korezumi Gorozaemon.


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