Nanbu Toshinao

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Toshinao was the first Edo period lord of Morioka han, in northern Tôhoku.

The son of Nanbu Nobunao and lord of Morioka castle, he supported Tokugawa Ieyasu during the Sekigahara Campaign, leading his men to aid Mogami Yoshiaki and Date Masamune against the forces of Uesugi Kagekatsu. After the campaign was concluded, Toshinao was confirmed in his 100,000 koku fief.

Toshinao participated as well in the Osaka Winter Campaign, and was so trusted by the Tokugawa that he was entrusted with overseeing the education of Tokugawa Yorinobu, Ieyasu's tenth son.

Toshinao had two sons, Nanbu Shigenao and Nanbu Shigenobu.[1]


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