Nagao Tamekage

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Tamekage was the son of Nagao Yoshikage (1459-1506). He was nominally the Uesugi's governor for Echigo but clashed with his overlords in 1509. He also fought with Jojo Sadanori in 1513. In 1520 he attacked Etchû province and defeated the Shiina family, soon afterwards defeating and forcing the suicide of Jinbo Yoshimune. He became involved in a conflict with the Ikko-Ikki of Kaga and was defeated and killed at Sendanno by Enami Kazuyori sometime around 1536. He was succeeded by his eldest son Nagao Harukage. His wife, known to us as Tora Gozen, and the mother of Kagetora, lived to 1568 in Kasugayama castle.