Nagao Harukage

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  • Died: 1553
  • Titles: Shinano no kami
  • Other names: Yarokurô
  • Distinction: Lord of Echigo
  • Sons:

Harukage succeeded his father Tamekage as the governor of Echigo. He became involved in a civil war with a number of Echigo warlords who supported his younger brother Kagetora (the future Uesugi Kenshin). He was reputedly a sickly and weak character who allowed himself to be influenced by his retainers. Following the defeat of his allies (including Kuroda Hidetada), Harukage was replaced by Kagetora in 1547. His fate is unclear - the popular view is that Harukage committed suicide, while another, somewhat more reliable, version has him being made to adopt Kagetora and name him the new lord.