Nagai Motofusa

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Nagai Motofusa was a retainer of Môri Terumoto.

Upon Terumoto's death in 1625, Motofusa killed himself, in order to join his lord in death. According to a local Hagi legend, Motofusa's cat then sat on Motofusa's grave for 49 days, refusing to leave, supposedly out of loyalty, until he finally killed himself as well (reportedly by biting his own tongue and either bleeding to death or choking on the blood); according to the story, all the cats of Hagi then wailed until the abbot of the temple performed memorial rites for the cat. Though the temple, Tenju-in, is no longer extant, Motofusa's grave can still be found today, on the former site of Terumoto's residence in Hagi, alongside the graves of Terumoto and his wife.