Mori Takamoto

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Takamoto was Môri Motonari's eldest son. He served as a hostage to the Oûchi clan in 1537 and married an adopted daughter of Ôuchi Yoshitaka. He returned to Aki in 1541 and became the official daimyô of the Môri in 1547, though his father continued to help direct the family from retirement. In 1560 Takamoto received the title Daizen-daibu with the blessing of the Court, a gesture in recognition of the Môri’s donations to the Court’s coffers. Takamoto was also named shugo of Aki province and was made a member of the shôgun's private guard, the shôbanshû. On his way back from fighting the Ôtomo to lead the Môri campaign in Izumo province he died suddenly while visiting Wachi Masaharu, forcing his father out of his semi-official retirement. Takamoto’s son Terumoto eventually succeeded him. No specific cause for Takamoto’s death other then illness was ever disclosed; however, his father was sufficiently suspicious of Wachi to have him murdered in 1568. Takamoto, a likable figure, was a man of culture and certain paintings by him survive.