Mizuno Tadanori

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  • Other Names: 水野忠篤 (Mizuno Tadaatsu)
  • Japanese: 水野 忠徳 (Mizuno Tadanori)

Mizuno Tadanori was a Tokugawa shogunate official who served as Uraga bugyô from 1852 to 1853, when he was reassigned to the position of Nagasaki bugyô. He was then named Kanjô bugyô on 1854/12/24, and given responsibility for overseeing the administration of Uraga, Shimoda, Nagasaki, and Ezo.[1]

As Nagasaki bugyô, he signed the Anglo-Japanese Convention of 1854 on behalf of the shogunate, opening the ports of Nagasaki and Hakodate to British vessels, as well as granting most favored nation status and several other provisions to the United Kingdom.

On 1857/12/3, Tadanori was reassigned to karô of the Tayasu Tokugawa clan. Nagai Naoyuki replaced him as kanjô bugyô.[2]

He then served briefly as Gaikoku bugyô before being reassigned in 1859/8 to the concurrent positions of Gunkan bugyô (Warships Magistrate) and Kanjô bugyô.[3] Two months later, he was reassigned again, however, to the position of Nishinomaru rusui.[4]


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