Matsuura Kasho

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Matsuura Kashô was a Confucian scholar in service to Tsushima han. Originally from Himeji han, he studied under Kinoshita Jun'an, and supported Amenomori Hôshû in critiquing certain of Arai Hakuseki's policies (especially regarding the Korean embassies to Edo).

His literary writings were known to some extent among elites in Korea. When Matsuura met with Korean envoys in 1719, Cho Taeok (lead envoy on the 1711 mission) praised him for his writings, to which Matsuura responded with surprise that they should have heard of him. Incidentally, Matsuura did not speak or understand Korean language, and communicated with the Koreans either through Amenomori, who served as interpreter, or through writing in classical Chinese, which both sides understood.[1]


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