Maeda Gen'i

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  • Born: 1539
  • Died: 1602
  • Title: Mimbu-kyô Hôin
  • Japanese: 前田玄以 (Maeda Gen'i)

Maeda Gen'i was Kyoto deputy under Oda Nobunaga, and later, one of Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Five Bugyô.

A Buddhist priest of Mt. Hiei, Gen'i entered the service of the Oda clan sometime before 1570. Nobunaga named him his deputy for Kyoto in 1582. After Nobunaga's death, Gen'i served Toyotomi Hideyoshi and received a 50,000 koku fief at Takamai in Tamba province, though he remained Kyoto deputy. In that position, he oversaw much of the reconstruction and reorganization of the city sponsored by Hideyoshi, including the construction in 1591 of the odoi embankment surrounding the center of the city, and work the following year on Fushimi castle.

Prior to his death, Hideyoshi named Gen'i one of his Five Bugyô.