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  • Japanese: 居仁 (Kyojin)

Kyojin was a daughter of King Shô Sen'i (r. 1477) of the Ryûkyû Kingdom, and wife (queen) to Sen'i's nephew (her cousin) King Shô Shin (r. 1477-1526).

She gave birth to Shô Shin's first son, Shô Ikô. For reasons which are unclear, however, Ikô lost considerable favor at court by 1501 and was driven out of the inner circle of family or court politics. By 1507, when he was brought back into the fold and formally named crown prince, another of the king's consorts, Kagô, had gained significant influence at court and was able to push Ikô out again, supporting her own son, Shô Sei, being named king. Not much is known otherwise of the life of Kyojin herself, but her son Shô Ikô survived execution at Kagô's urging and Shô Shin's orders, and escaped into exile for the remainder of his life.


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