Kumamoto Edo mansion

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The Hosokawa clan lords of Kumamoto han maintained several mansions in Edo.

Its "upper mansion" (kami yashiki) was located just east of Edo castle. The Marunouchi Oazo shopping center, attached to Tokyo Station, stands on the site today.

The former grounds of one of the domain's "lower mansions" (shimo yashiki) is today a public park in the Hamachô neighborhood, on the western bank of the Sumidagawa, south of Ryôgoku Bridge.

The site of the domain's other "lower mansion," obtained by the domain only shortly before the Meiji Restoration, is today the Higo-Hosokawa Gardens in the Mejirodai neighborhood of Bunkyô-ku, sitting along the northern bank of the Kandagawa. The Eisei Bunko, an archive of the Hosokawa clan's private collections, is located within the gardens.