Higo-Hosokawa Garden

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A view of the Higo-Hosokawa Gardens
  • Japanese: 肥後細川庭園 (Higo Hosokawa teien)

The Higo-Hosokawa Garden is a Japanese garden in Bunkyô-ku, Tokyo. It is associated with the Hosokawa clan, and is located adjacent to the Eisei Bunko archive/museum, which houses much of the Hosokawa family's private collection of historical documents and artifacts.

For much of the Edo period, this area was the mansion of a hatamoto family. In the Bakumatsu period, it came to be the "lower estate" (shimo yashiki) of the Shimizu Tokugawa clan, and then of the Hitotsubashi Tokugawa clan, and finally of the Hosokawa clan (lords of Kumamoto han), before the fall of the Tokugawa shogunate.

The land changed hands several times in the first half of the 20th century, before opening in 1961 as a public park owned/operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. In 1975, it came to be owned and operated by Bunkyô-ku. The Shôseikaku hall located within the gardens is still used today to host fancy receptions and meetings.


  • Pamphlet available on-site.