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Konoe Taneie was the 15th head of the Konoe family, one of the five "regent" houses (gosekke) among the court nobility. As well as serving as kanpaku, he was the direct uncle of two Ashikaga shoguns, and father-in-law to one.

Taneie's younger sister was married to Ashikaga Yoshiharu, and became the mother of Ashikaga Yoshiteru and Yoshiaki. Yoshiteru then married Taneie's daughter.

Taneie was close with the Sôshû Shimazu clan as well,[1] who were at that time gradually expanding their power in southern Kyushu. Taneie requested, and was given, financial assistance from the Shimazu, granting them courtly and cultural favors in return. For example, he recommended Shimazu Takahisa and Shimazu Yoshihisa for promotion in court rank on several occasions, and wrote an afterword for Shimazu Tadayoshi's version of the iroha poem.

Following Taneie's death, his son Konoe Sakihisa and grandson Konoe Nobutada traveled to Satsuma province, and continued the Konoe-Shimazu relationship.


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  1. That is, the Sôshû 相州家 Shimazu, headed by Shimazu Tadayoshi and his son Shimazu Takahisa; not to be confused with the Sôshû 総州家 Shimazu of several centuries earlier, who were replaced by the Ôshû Shimazu as the main, central, Shimazu lineage.