Kono Michinobu

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Michinobu was a younger son of Kôno Ômi no kami Michiyoshi (d.1579) and succeeded Michinao. He suffered the abortive rebellion of his vassal Wada Michioki in 1554 and an Ôtomo campaign against him in 1565 which was evidently inspired by his alliance with Môri Motonari. In 1568 the Konô were attacked by Utsunomiya Toyotsuna, who had the supported of the Chosokabe clan of Tosa province. The Môri came to assist the Konô and at length Utsunomiya was defeated and forced to sue for peace. The victory was afterwards reported to the shôgunate, and a note of congratulations was sent from Ashikaga Yoshiaki. That same year Michinobu had taken ill and was forced to give up his duties as lord, handing them to his son Michinao.