Kono Michinao (d.1587)

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  • Death: 1587
  • Titles: Danjô-shôsuke, Iyo no kami

Michinao was a son of Kôno Michinobu and became lord when the latter fell ill. Though very young, Michinao acted as the lord of the Konô with the assistance of his relatives and retainers. The Konô lands were attacked by the Miyoshi of Awa in 1572 and in 1575 troops were sent to assist the Môri in their budding campaign against the Oda. Chosokabe Motochika launched an invasion of Iyo province in 1581 that brought down a number of Konô castles. Michinao appealed to the Môri but they were too occupied by the Oda to spare and troops and by 1583 Michinao was forced to surrender. In 1585 he had once again to surrender, this time to the invading forces of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. He was deprived of his domain and went to live in Aki province, where he died of illness without an heir.