Konkai Komyo-ji

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  • Year of foundation: 1175
  • Japanese: 金戒光明寺 (Konkai Koumyouji)

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Konkai Kômyô-ji is a Jôdo school buddhist temple, located in Sakyô ward of Kyoto, founded by Hônen. It is one of the chief temples of the Jôdo school.

The main hall Miei-dô burnt down in 1934 and reconstructed in 1944.


Konkai Kômyô-ji was the headquater of Kyoto Shugo Shoku during the Bakumatsu. More than 1000 Aizu han samurai were stationed in the temple. There is a grave site of the Aizu samurai who died in the Kinmon Rebellion and the Battle of Toba-Fushimi. As well as the grave of Aizu Kotetsu who was a Chûgen of Aizu han and also a gang leader. After the battle of Toba-Fushimi, he mobilized his gang members to gather the bodies of abandoned dead Aizu samurai and buried them. He protected the grave site with priests of Konkai Kômyô-ji from the persecution.