Kishaba Choken

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  • Born: 1840
  • Died: 1916
  • Japanese: 喜舎場 朝賢 (Kishaba Chouken)

Kishaba Chôken was a prominent scholar-official and royal advisor in the Ryûkyû Kingdom during the last years of the kingdom (1860s-70s).

Chôken became a close advisor to King Shô Tai in 1868, at the recommendations of Tsuhako ueekata and Tomizato ueekata. In addition to other duties and activities, Chôken took on oversight of the archiving and preservation of historical documents. This included hand-copying a number of precious texts.

Chôken's notable writings include the Tôtei zuihitsu (東汀随筆), a collection of records pertaining to the royal court, and the Ryûkyû kenbunroku 琉球見聞録; the latter, published in 1914 by Oyadomari Chôtaku, relates negotiations between Ryûkyû han (the former royal court) and Matsuda Michiyuki of the Meiji government, from the Ryukyuan point of view, from 1875 until the total annexation of Ryûkyû and establishment of Okinawa prefecture in 1879.[1]


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