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  • Born: Kansei 3/12/28 (21 Jan 1792)
  • Died: 1824/8/16
  • Other Names: 弥姫 (Iyo hime), 周子 (Kaneko)
  • Japanese: 賢章院 (Kenshou-in)

Kenshô-in, also known as Iyo-hime, was the first wife of Shimazu Narioki, and mother to four sons, including Shimazu Nariakira, and one daughter.

Born in early 1792, Iyo was the third daughter of Ikeda Harumichi, lord of Tottori han; her mother Sei-hime was a daughter of Date Shigemura. Iyo was married to Shimazu Narioki, the future lord of Satsuma han, in 1807, and gave birth to a son, Shimazu Nariakira, two years later. She did not give her son to a wet-nurse, but raised him herself, paying close and strict attention to his upbringing and education. Iyo is said to have had a strong interest in education herself, acquiring great skills at both Chinese- and Japanese-style poetry, and great knowledge of the Buddhist canon. She is also known for her mastery of the naginata.

In addition to Nariakira, she had three other sons and one daughter with Narioki.

She died in 1824.


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